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You can find helpful and humourous guides on programming and other cool stuff.

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You can learn about my life and the things that make me – me!

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I love to program – and there’s a vast world of people like me who love to problem solve and support each other. Web development, graphic design, AI, crypto – everything!


Mathematics shouldn’t be boring. I’ve always loved it. I love explaining amazing problems to the people around me and wowing them with mathematics and logic. Everything has an answer in maths.


Aside from all of the programming and mathematics, I love music. Music takes me to amazing places – it’s magical. I play the piano and the cello. Don’t worry – I quit viola after a year.

About Oscar Zhou

I’m Oscar Zhou. I live in Adelaide – a beautiful and lively city in South Australia. I like to question the world around me and I love to learn.

I want to leave the earth better than I found it.

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Feel free to contact me about virtually anything (from post ideas to questions about life) via my email at Don’t worry. I won’t bite or judge you.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs – Co-founder of Apple Inc.

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